How Fb Can Get Income?

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“How Facebook Can Get Income And Users Also Get Profit”

(Research Methodology)

Assignment 1

Name: William Wardhana Kasim
ID: 1002041
Class: Square Enix
Submission Date: 21st January 2013
Lecturer: Sir Robin Lho

Facebook is the one of many social network that used to connecting people around the world. Facebook make our account free by using our email address like yahoo, gmail and the others. But users never think how and where actually facebook can get income. And actually users also can get profit from using this facebook. Actually, facebook get income around 80% from their ads and the other 20% from the fee of payment (Lunn, 2012). When users are playing games like Farmville, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars and etc, sometimes users want to be rich at that game and at least become stronger and stronger in each game, users always spend our money from our banking account or from our paypal account to buy the chips or token to make us richer and stronger in the game. According to Emma, Facebook takes a 30% cut of Zynga's revenue, and a roughly similar cut from other companies. This make facebook become the third largerst offering in US history where the first is Apple second is Google and Facebook on the third, where Amazon and Cisco is behind this Facebook company. Facebook users also would like to spend around $ 445 million for just buying goods or buying chips and token for game by using facebook. Besides Zynga, Netflix and The Washington Post also bought 0,1 % worth of facebook ads revenue (Frommer, 2012). Both were disclosed because the companies have officers who are on Facebook’s board of directors. According to Frommer, from statistical data that they had, from 2009 to 2011 facebook increasingly gain their income from payment and other fees by 100%. Beside games,...
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