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Topics: Caffeine, Green tea, Soft drink Pages: 6 (1842 words) Published: March 21, 2013
i. History of F&N 3 ii. Main selling points of F&N 3 iii. Energetic Drinks Bhd 4 iv. Details and Features of Energion 4 v. Marketing Strategy of Energion 5-6 vi. Results of the survey 7 vii. Slogan for Energion 7 viii. References 8-9 ix. Appendixes 9

Fraser and Neave (F&N) History
F&N was formed by John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave in 1883 at Southeast Asia. At the beginning their business was only marketing aerated water. A joint venture was made with Holland’s Heineken at 1931 for brewing. F&N acquired the rights of franchised Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury Schweppers, 7-UP,Fanta, Sunkist at 1936 in Singapore, Brunei, Malaya. Malayan Breweries introduced the Tiger Beer and Anchor Beer. The Malayan Breweries changed its name to Asia Pacific Breweries at 1990. F&N has grown far much in their range of products. Example of their products are isotonic drink, tea, juice, milk, soya, sparkling drinks, carbonated drinks, cordial, yoghurt, canned milk, sweetener, cereal bars ect. Today F&N’s total worldwide asset is worth $14 billion, F&N is franchised in 20 countries with 17,000 employees working under it. Main selling points of F&N

The vision of the company always leads the company to the success path. F&N’s vision is to be a company of urgent, energetic, dynamic workers and the entire team members work out together for future success. In Malaysia, the F&N’s soft drinks collection consists of 100PLUS, F&N Fun Flavors, SEASONS, Fruit Tree, Zesta and Clearly Citrus. Apart from that, 100 Plus is the best successful soft drinks imposing over 90 percent share of the isotonic drinks market. It is also the No. 1 ready-to-drink (RTD) brand in Malaysia. There are factors behind this success. For example, high quality products and excellent services in F&N. The company is well balanced to the needs and exceeds consumer expectations by given those quality products. The products are manufactured based on the practices to repay customer’s support and confidence in the brand throughout the years. Besides that, F&N promises to offer healthy enjoyment in exciting ways which enable the company to attract the customer. This is because customers are targeting more on the quality of the products rather than the prices. F&N’s strategic direction are expanding and develop into new markets which by expanding geographically to find new sources for achieving market diversification.

Energetic Drinks Bhd is created to market healthy drinks. The name of the new product in Energetic Drinks Bhd is Energion. The main target of this company is to compete with F&N’s soft drinks. This is because F&N’s soft drinks cause many effects on the human and society. Soft drinks are made up of soda and the soda can leads to many disadvantages such as weight gain, high-sugar intake, calcium depletion and dehydration. Recent research from the University of Bangor and Bristol advised that drinking soda can really activate sweet cravings by dulling the sensitivity to sweet tastes and also glimmering a vicious cycle of consuming drinks. Because of all this reasons, the Energetic Drinks Bhd introduce Energion drinks which are also carbonated but it is healthier than normal soft drinks. It is...
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