How Does the Writer Shown an Arresting Opening in Enduring Love

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How does the writer show an arresting opening in ‘Enduring Love’

The starting of Enduring Love starts of relatively calm, Joe and Clarissa are sat “under a turkey oak” whilst enjoying a picnic and a bottle of “1987 Daumas Gassac” in a pastoral scenery. However this is just to start the story as a traditional Once upon a time story, to give the illusion that all is good. What we don’t know that the information given in the first line creates a sense of foreboding, with “Given” information, as Joe states “The beginning is simple to mark”. This gives the reader information by the author and characters we know that the beginning of this story is calm but reading on we understand the catastrophe which is about to unfold in regards to the balloon accident. The “Given” information also applies to when Joe states “We turned to look across the field and saw the danger”. “THE” is the definite article letting us know that what is definitely happening, where as if it is stated as “We turned to look across the field and saw a danger” the “A” is an indefinite article, as we are not truly sure what danger is, how many dangers there are, therefor this narrative method is “Given” information. Their also dual narrative in the novel, this is to basically get multiple perspective and to contrast and create juxtapositions. Dual narrative gives context but not a lot of it. This can be to create a sense of detachment, making the reader want to read more, as theirs a depth of unknown. In addition to this its very short sighted so we need to understand more from the past and present. Examples of dual narrative is when Chapter 9 is in the view and perspective of Clarissa, so from this we can compare and contrast the views. Another convention of narrative ideas is Unreliable narrator. This is when the narrator doesn’t make the correct statement, or is unsure about what is going on, also when the narrator is not always truthful such as “I see us from three hundred feet up”. This is...
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