How Did/Does the Existence of a Vast Western Frontier Shape America’s Values and Society in the Period 1790-1860?

Topics: United States, Western culture, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: December 2, 2012
During the years 1790-1860 many changes in the nation were occurring in the values of Americans and in their different societies. The vacant, immeasurable land in the western frontier enabled a shift of change from social, political and economic conformity to more individual techniques and beliefs away from governmental traditions imposed more in the east coast of the nation. As different factors forced people to migrate west in the country it changed not only society and values of people in the west but also the east, transforming into a whole new affluent society. As people started to realize the nations grandness and what the property consisted of the rise in nationalism became very dependent on these enlightened ideas and visions. Therefore the movement westward help further develop the United States in this time period in aspects of life including economic and social advancement, altering the views and values of Americans and modifying societies developed pre-expansion.

Many Americans including westerners felt that these frontiers west of the Mississippi River and East of the Rocky Mountains were considered vast wildlife with extreme beauty. As people started to understand what our country possessed and what it had for itself an immense growth in nationalism arose causing different people to act in unique ways to alter society for the boon of the people. This gratefulness for the wildness in the west of the country enabled people to gain pride in their country and develop a say to prosper it further. People started to move to these frontier lands to get away from social conformity and move out away from governmental means. This newly developed precedent of moving westward began to shape people to have a say in what they believe is correct rather then living in the backfire of the government. As people started to realize this land was vacant and accessible they started to move away from the major governmental cities and begin to move to these lands in the...
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