Cultures Essay

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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The Wild West was a new beginning for many new people who were having troubles in their life. There were many reasons why people wanted to move west including farm land, new job openings, gold, and criminals came over because there was a lack of cops and some people just wanted to start over. To begin with many people came over to the Wild West in search of gold which would lead them to a better life of being rich. But often time’s people weren’t as successful as they thought they would be in search of gold. And often people would spend hours searching for gold and they would find nothing or only a little bit of gold which wasn’t worth much. People also came over is search of religious freedom which was lacking in other territories of the United States at that time. Another reason that many people moved to the west is for better farm land. The West had nice rich soil and there was a lot more room to farm unlike the easy. Many people started to use farming as their main life source and they could use to the crops them self as food or they could sell some of their crops to make money. Farming was also a good way to save money because you didn’t always have to go out and buy food. Many people used farming in the west. Also many criminals moved west because there was a lack of cops so it was often easier to commit crimes. These criminals were often called outlaw gangs and they would rob trains or they would just terrorize people because that’s what they enjoyed and many people were often killed by these gangs or posses. And with the lack of cops these gangs had better chances of committing crimes and not getting caught. People moved west to also find new job openings and most of these jobs were better than the jobs they had before. These new jobs allowed people to make more money which would allow them to produce a better life for their family or even just themselves if they don’t have a family. There were often a lot more job openings in the west so it was a lot...