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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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1.Define the following terminology:

(b)Spring Cleaning
(c)Departure room
(d)Vacant Not Ready
(e)Room Status Discrepancy

2.Briefly explain, the important role play by the housekeeping department

3.Differentiate between turn down service and second service

4.List out various departments the housekeeping department co- ordinates with

5.Briefly explain FOUR (4) causes of loss / shrinkage of linen in housekeeping department.

6.What is the correct procedure for entering a guest room?

7. Draw a ‘Maid’s Cart’ and name different categories of items you carry in it.

8.Explain ‘Bed Stripping and Making Procedure’

9.Compare Conventional and block cleaning methods?

10.Explain the complete procedure involved in cleaning an occupied room?

(a)What is cleaning?

(b)Why cleaning is necessary?

(c) Identify FOUR (4) manual and TWO (02) electrical cleaning equipment commonly found in the housekeeping department and explain the uses of each of them. (08 marks)

(d) Imagine that you are a room boy/ maid of a hotel and you get the following rooms to be cleaned during the day. |ROOM NO |ROOM STATUS | |101 |DUE OUT | |103 |DEPARTURE | |105 |DEPARTURE | |106 |ARRIVAL NOT READY | |107 |ARRIVAL NOT READY...
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