Hygiene and Safe Practice

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Task D

D I) Three hazardous substances that can be found in a social care setting would be: Medication
Clinical waste

D ii)
Storage: safe practice for storing medication is to always keep it in a secure safe place, make sure the key is held by an authorised people only. Always keep the medication in the correct temperature, light and humidity. The medication MUST be kept in the container in which it was dispensed from the pharmacy in. Use: staff giving the medication needs to be trained in relation to administration, infection control and non-touch technique. Disposal: safe practice in disposal of medication is usually returned back to the pharmacy. It should never be flushed down the toilet. Body waste

Storage: body waste should be stored in a colour-coded plastic bag (usually yellow) it needs to be sealed and put in the correct place ready for collection in a place where it does not cause an infection risk. Use: safe practice when handling body waste you should always have PPE on these should be disposable glovers and aprons also even though you are wearing PPE you should always wash your hands. Disposal: safe practice according to legal organisational requirements the body waste usually put in yellow bags to be collected by specialist waste contractors. Cleaning fluids

Storage: chemicals should be kept in a safe place in line with manufacturers instructions. They should be in the original containers clearly labelled and according to COSHH risk assessment Use: when dealing with chemicals always wear PPE and follow manufactures instruction. Disposal: when disposing chemicals always follow what it says in the manufactures instructions.

D iii) there are lots of common hazards when handling food I have listed 3 off them below: Risk of infection through poor hygiene.
Reheating food.
Incorrect storage.

D iv)
A) to store food correctly you must cover and label the food properly, store at the correct...
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