House by the Railroad

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House by the Railroad

In EdwardHirsch's poem"EdwardHopperandthe Houseby the Railroad" Hirschjrurtaposes both the houseandEdwardHopperto createan ominousundertone throughoutthe poem.Hirsch personifies abandoned this houseto bring it to life while describingthe artist asrelentless, almostdehumanizing artist. Both the houseand the but artist sharesimilar qualitiesandcharacteristics, throughout poeft, Hinch asserts the his positionthat he is moreintriguedin Hopperasan artist than in the art he hascreated. of Hirsch doesa fairjob noting the settingthe literal structure the house,and its figurative intentions.Hirsch clearly setsa scenario tone in the first stanza the and of po€n, introducingthe ominousnatureof the paintingby talking of isolationand The and embarrassment. repetitionof the words'oashamed'o "desolate"throughoutthe poemhelp furttrerhighlight the author'smoodtowardthe artist. By hyperbolizingthe sympathy towardthe house, isolationof the house, Hirsch is ableto gainthe audience's but I believethis is whereHirsch creates ominousundefonein the poem. Hirsch this but may seemlike his interestis towardsthe house, I believehis interestis moretoward the artist who drew the house. the EdwardHirsch personifies houseto mirror EdwardHopper'semotionsto house. The artist didn't add ultimately put Hopperat fault for producingsucha secluded

singlesign of life aroundthe houseandhaspresented asa lonely objectwhenplacedin it sucha broadspectrum suchasthe sky. Hirsch almostdefinesthe painting in the third o'the stanza saytng, manbehindtheeasel relentless;..." (p.14211.9), is which only firrther accentuates Hopperis illuminating himself throughthis abandoned that housealongwith the barrenenvironment houseis surrounded the by. Following sucha deserted areawasa singlesetof train tracksthat lied next to the house. The only thing present it seemed and almostasif therewasn't any sort of train stationaroundthesetracks. Hirsch quotes, singlepair of tracksstraightening the "a...
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