Everyone Constructs Their Own Reality - a Streetcar Named Desire (Imaginative Piece)

Topics: Stanley Kowalski, Edgar Allan Poe, A Streetcar Named Desire Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Everyone constructs their own reality

Stella for star,
I am just tolerating the people here at this countryside retreat... of course it is not what I’m used to but I will be strong and try not to cause trouble. It reminds of your humble home, I must “thank you for letting me in” I am excited to be in such a “convenient location”. It has been nearly eight months since I have seen you and I feel absolutely wonderful! You must say “a word about my appearance” when you see me next Stella. I am still awaiting the arrival of Shep Huntleigh, he would see my “physical beauty”, and take me away to his house in the upper east side, where I can get lost in the shops and just splurge on all the extravagant clothes and jewellery! “Clothes are my passion!”

“To live in these conditions” Stella is not what I like to indulge myself in; oh never, never could I imagine, could I picture - Oh “Only Poe! Mr. Edgar Allen Poe! – could do it justice!” ha! I suppose nearby is the “ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir!” I have started to indulge myself into some of his works Stella, and he is such an exquisite writer. Oh Stella, this countryside retreat does seem to remind me of the wonderful Belle Reve; “a great big place with white columns”. Oh I wonder how the old plantation is going… oh there is that “varsouviana” music I keep hearing! Ha! It makes me feel like dancing!

Stella honey, you know I’ve run “from under one leaky roof to another leaky roof” and haven’t been “awf’ly good lately”. I’ve come to know that “men don’t – don’t even admit your existence unless you’re making love to them” and I “have to be seductive” and “make a little temporary magic!”… “Belle Reve had started to slip through my fingers”, and you see Stella, “I don’t want realism”, “I’ll tell you what I want, magic! … I try to give that to people.” People can’t handle the truth! Stella baby, “I tell what ought to be the truth!” This is why the soldiers at the nearby camp couldn’t resist me, or I of them! “I...
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