Hotel Reservation and Billing System

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Every business organization has tasks that should be carried out to arrive at its objective. This task has to be done not just efficiently but also, effectively. To be efficient means to use resources, people, money, raw materials and the like-wisely. To be effective means to achieve results, to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out so that they achieve the organization’s goals.

Since the dawn of the computer age, people have turned to innovations brought about by technology to make their work more efficient. One of the invaluable products of technology is the computer. Businesses of all sizes make use of computer based information systems because of its great benefits to improve efficiency of business transaction. Not only does this kind of technology improve their daily routine and processes, but also boost their daily business transactions, communications and general operations. Also, the use of this technology will improve company’s competence in delivering their services to their market which gives them an edge over other establishments in the same field. The result is less time spent on tasks, efficient use of resources thus, increasing the business revenue.

The study aims to develop a computerized operation at Quirino Baclaran Hotel to improve efficiency of its daily business transactions thus, enhancing the quality of service for its guests. This chapter will cover the background of the company and the problems that confront the company in relation to operations.

Background of Study

Quirino Baclaran Hotel is located in Quirino Avenue Baclaran, Paranque City. It is established on January 2, 2009. The Hotel has fifty (50) rooms. Five (5) storey building. There are three (3) types of rooms, Regular Rooms, VIP Rooms and Suite Rooms. Currently, the hotel doesn’t have a computerized reservation, billing statement and room allocation for their hotel. They just make a manual computation using a calculator in billing statement, manual in getting information to the new customer by using a printed instruction in sheet of bond paper, and slow determined the room availability by checking the log book or the key box. Because of new field in this industry the company was still remains optimistic and the company shall have a plan to become more competitive in customer satisfaction and hotel transactions in the future.

The customer can reserve/check-in in the hotel through phone call and walk-in procedure. For inquiries of the customer, the receptionist will present the list of available rooms and room categories. It is Regular, VIP and Suite. All types of room has freebies that a person normally needs and both room types have its limitation, the number of persons can accommodate is two (2). Below eight (8) years old are free of charge, maximum of two (2) children. Senior Citizens, AFP and PNP can avail 20% discounts. Other than that, are not tolerated by the Hotel. In Selecting a Room, the receptionist will give the lists of available rooms and the rates to the customer. The customer will choose / decide if what type of room will be rented.

The company has two kinds of reservation, the walk-in reservation and reservation thru phone calls, for the walk-in reservation the customer must pay a 60% of the total due as a down payment, and for the phone call reservation once the guest calls, the desk officer will record the information of the guest caller on the reservation form, the hotel does not prioritize reservations thru phone calls.

In cancelling a reservation the front desk officer needs to contact the guest for their confirmation of the made reservation thru phone call, for phone call reservations, if the guest wants to cancel his/her reservation the front desk officer will just cancel the reservation form of the guest, for the walk in reservation, if the guest wants to cancel his/her...
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