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1. Introduction

2. Getting Started

3. Main Menu

4. Master file Maintenance

5. Payroll Reports

6. Payroll data Backup and Restore


Confide payroll system is a windows payroll software written in Microsoft Visual Basic (VB.NET). Although confide pay system is extremely powerful it is in no way difficult to use. The payroll software includes many new features that enable the user to do your work easier and faster. In this windows version, user will improve productivity with time saving windows feature. All command bars and drop menus are logically organised in systematic manner that will enable user to operate smoothly. Confide payroll is highly respected because of its high performance, user friendly and data integrity. We therefore strive for the best improvement to support customers in terms of quality.

These notes, together with the practical you will do during the day, will ensure that learning to use the system is an informative and useful experience for you.


After installation procedure a shortcut icon is created on the desktop to provide easy access to your program. Double click the shortcut icon to gain access to your Confide payroll system. When you see the log in main screen appears, you have to type in the correct information so that you can successfully enter into the system.

1) Enter your User name in the text box provided. Press Tab to move to the next box.

2) Enter your password. The password is case sensitive so ensure that your Caps lock key is on or off as required.

Once you have entered your password and selected the payroll required you will find yourself in the Opening menu. Features include: - 1) A drop down list of all the chief program options. Like the drop down lists in other Windows menus, if a folder has a + in the box beside it, when you click the +

2) A list of the options included in that...
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