Hospital Management System

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Hospital Management System for Sta. Cruz Hospital

A Project Paper
Presented to
the Faculty of the College of Information and Communications Technology Bulacan State University

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor in Science in Information Technology

Project Description
Overview of the Current State of Technology
A hospital is a place where patients received treatment. Hospital provides facilities such as doctor’s consultation, diagnosis, and treatment facility in admitting patients; also it provides beds, nurses, medicines and immunization. Sta. Cruz Hospital was established in the year 1979 at Caniogan, Calumpit, Bulacan. It is only started as a small clinic. Due to the increasing number of patients, Dr. Norman L. Josue, a surgeon and his wife, Dra. Corazon-Josue, an OB-Gynaecologist together with her siblings, Dra. Levita de Jesus- Panis, a paediatrician, and Dr. Jessie P. de Jesus, a Dentist, put up a hospital to accommodate them. In 1985, Sta. Cruz Hospital formally functioned as a Primary hospital. In 1991, an extension building was built to give more rooms to patients in need of medical services. Presently, Sta. Cruz Hospital is a Secondary hospital, with 30 beds capacity offering Medical and Surgical, Dental and Ancillary Services, equipped with highly competent and professional doctors and surgeons in the province, to service the people of Calumpit as well as the nearby municipalities. As to date it has Operating Rooms, Delivery Rooms, NICU, and Nursery, Pharmacy, X-Ray, And Clinical Laboratory, duly licensed by the Department of Health and Accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation(Phil Health). The vision of Sta. Cruz hospital would be the leader in upholding the highest standards of care and the center of excellence in providing quality health care services to Calumpiteños and to its neighbouring communities. The mission of Sta. Cruz hospital provides reasonable, efficient and quality health care services at all times because they were guided by the Almighty, driven by the conviction to serve, passionate devoted in improving the health of our patient.

Project Objectives
The purpose of the study is to develop a Hospital Management System for Sta. Cruz Hospital. Specific:
1. To design a Hospital Management System for Sta. Cruz Hospital which will: a. stored data properly.
b. assure accuracy which entails all operation would be done correctly and all information are accurate. c. increase the reliability of information now that there would be proper storage of information. d. determine redundancy of information.

e. provide quick and efficient retrieving of information whenever the user requires. f. provides security in visiting confined patients.
g. provide precise information on retrieving medicines in purchasing medications. 2. To create the system as planned.
3. To test and implement the developed system for the use of the hospital in order to speed up their development. 4. To write and document about the hospital and the developed system for the use of the Sta. Cruz Hospital.

Scope and Limitations of the Project
The project will be used by Sta. Cruz Hospital for maintaining patient details and their test results. It maintains two levels of users consist of administrator level, the doctor, and user level which is the data entry operator. The limitations of the system are the viewing of the suppliers of the medicines and the payroll of the staffs in the hospital. The main facilities available in this project are maintaining records of indoor or outdoor patients, maintaining patient’s diagnosis details; provide patients different test facilities for diagnosis. Maintaining patient’s injection entry records, maintaining patient’s prescription, medicine and diet advice details, providing billing details for indoor or outdoor patients, maintaining backup of data as per user...
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