Ethical Code of Conduct for a Long-Term-Care Facility

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  • Published: May 15, 2012
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Ethical code of conduct for a Long-Term-Care Facility
Professor Tamara D. Smith
April 8, 2012

The code of conduct for a Long Term Care Facility is a guideline and procedure for personal conduct for those working in that kind of facility. To preserve the highest standard of care using integrity and ethical standards, code of ethics or code of conduct are the foundations that most long term care facility based their business principle. It is the responsibility of all parties including upper management to the lowest employee to avoid going against conducts that are specifically stated in the code of ethics.

The healthcare field encompasses different areas and specialty. Most common is the hospital or emergency room. When most people think about the health care the first thing that comes in mind is the doctor’s office, hospital or the emergency room. However, the health care means treatment, prevention or diagnosis of diseases by a health care professional or facility. All these services can be provided by professionals in medicine, allied health, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and chiropractic. Mostly, patients receive care in number of different health care organizations which include an acute-care hospital, surgery center, behavioral health center, specialty hospital, long-term care facility and out-patient center (Darr, 2002). These different branches of health care organizations have different ways of operation, code of conduct and ways of running the organizations. A long term care facility will be operated differently from a specialty hospital or surgery center because of the types of services that is rendered. Most organizations have code of conduct and ethics that everybody in the organization has to follow. A code of conduct serves as a set of behavior stands for everybody associated in an organization. The code of conduct will contain certain standards of behavior for the organizations between the employer, employees and their professional...
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