Equality & Diversity Level 2 - As3

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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 3: Working or Learning in a Place that Promotes Diversity

1. In relation to your chosen workplace / place of learning, provide examples of policies / codes of conduct that encourage and / or protect equality and diversity.

My chosen workplace to study place a lot of emphasis on complying with Equality and Diversity, they not only have a comprehensive policy setting out their aims and what they wish to achieve with the implementation of the Policy but they have extensive Codes of Conduct for staff and partners to follow.

Their policy sets out what they wish to achieve, examples being:-

The firm are committed to developing a culture which values and respects people from all section of the community and the contribution each individual can make to the work of the firm.

The firm aims to ensure equality and diversity objectives are incorporated and become an integral part of governance, management and the duties of every employee.

The Policy also goes on to provide definitions for staff of different types of discrimination, explaining in very detailed terms exactly what the firm feels falls into each category, these include:-

➢ Bullying & Harassment
➢ Dignity
➢ Prejudice

Further, the Policy also provides how a complaint is dealt with, by whom and the timescales involved.

In terms of the Codes of Conduct every employee is provided with a copy that they must read and retain. The company have implemented a system whereby the final page is signed by the employee and returned to the Equality & Diversity representative so that the company has a record that everyone has seen and read the document.

The Code of Conduct sets out:-

Under Awareness - Staff will be tolerant of individuals needs and cultural differences, help; to provide a pleasant working environment,. Have empathy, support and understandings for individual needs and cultural differences, be receptive and adaptable to change, be professional when deal with clients, colleagues and third parties, respect confidentiality, respect the feelings of others and do not stereotype, make assumptions or pre-judge based on someone’s appearance or culture. Further staff will not discriminate directly or indirectly against someone’s age, gender, sexuality, religion, race, special needs or culture.

Under Accessibility – staff will respect, understand and meet the needs of different cultural beliefs, be adjustable and adaptable, be aware of your language (both verbal and body) when you are dealing with clients and colleagues, be aware of different meanings according to culture and to offer help with communication and translation (braille, audio or interpreter).

The Codes of Conduct have further headings with similar statements including policy and Support to assist staff in fully understanding the entire policy and it definitions.

2. In relation to your chosen workplace / place of learning, describe what is expected of members of staff who have specific responsibility for equality and diversity. Include information about their job titles and describe their responsibilities.

In my chosen workplace there are two members of staff are responsible for ensuring our Equality & Diversity Policy / Code of Conduct are complied with. This role is covered by a Senior Partner and the Office Manager (terms Equality and Diversity Representatives by the firm) who ensure that the Policy / Code of Conduct is up to date and that they are up to date on the Law / Regulations including Law updates, case Law and advances in enforcing Policies.

Should there be a breach of the Policy either the Partner or Office Manager are responsible for ensuring this is investigated fully and fairly on behalf of either staff members or clients whom feel a potential breach may have occurred.

They are also responsible for providing all staff with on-going training either via conferences in...
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