Honesty: Interpersonal Relationship and Person

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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More and more as I observe relationships, whether they be friendships, family relationships, business dealings or romantic partnerships, I notice just how few people have the courage to be truly honest with each other.

More often than not, those who are silencing their honesty seem to do so to keep the peace. But how is peace truly kept if one person is not able to express their feelings honestly, without risking a dose of the other person's wrath? That relationship therefore, is not on equal, mature footing, but rather under the control of one person.

Such relationships may still bring joy in other ways, tending to hide much of the discontent. That is, until it festers to a point of needing expression. At this time, things often come to a head and what could have been expressed honestly, in a peaceful manner at an earlier time, are now expressed in anger, and as a result, any opportunity for understanding or being heard properly is lost immediately.

Is it not better to express ourselves honestly as the feelings arise, rather than avoid them to the point when they can no longer be expressed clearly, due to the accumulation of residual feelings that now accompany them?

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get the reaction you hope for either way. We cannot control another's reaction. But at least we will have our own respect by communicating honestly.

People come and go in life. We share the learning we are meant to and then move on, sometimes naturally and smoothly, sometimes in a blaze of glory. The same goes for romantic partnerships, business associations and family relationships, as well as friendships. Many family relationships are some of the worst I have seen, for sweeping things under the carpet to keep the peace.

Honesty is not always an easy thing to share, nor is it an easy thing to hear. We don't have to agree with what the other person is saying though, just as they don't have to agree with us. But to be...
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