Communication in Marriages

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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Communication in Marriages
The article by Schoenberg “Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages” have some good points. Even though people are too busy to communicate and think things will be fine, communication is important in a marriage because not communicating in your marriage could lead to a divorce and could lead towards other marital problems. I can relate to this article on self-disclosure in my relationships. The social penetration theory “suggests that self-disclosure deepens, in stages, as relationships develop” (Sole, 2011, Chapter7 Summary, Key Terms). I have to agree with this theory because as you get to know someone more you are able to disclose more about yourself, but you must feel close to that person and have trust before you can disclose certain information about yourself. In my past relationships due to trust issues, I have had a hard time disclosing personal information or letting people get close in my intimate relationships. I believe it has caused problems my marriage now is not my first and I know part of the reason my past marriages did not work was because of poor/lack of communication. I would have to agree that self-disclosure is important and directly related to satisfaction in relationships because of my own experience. Experiencing something, first hand is the best way of knowing. In order for any relationship to progress and develop you, need to open up and communicate, “Research consistently has shown a link between happy marriages and "self-disclosure," or sharing your private feelings, fears, doubts and perceptions with your partner” (Schoenberg, 2011). If you are self-disclosing and talking about more than just your day with your partner how can you not have a happy marriage you two are going to have some intimate connection. Keeping in mind that men and woman are different in how they communicate or even how they express their feelings. I do know there are similarities between men...
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