Homosexuality in China

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Freedom or Conservative ?
----Homosexual in China
China was considered as a conservative society where do not get really open to sexual discussion. Even now, dating in high-school is considered too early and does not appropriate in China, which would cause problems in school if being found by teachers or parents. Meanwhile, Chinese attitude towards homosexual is more open than the West society. The night life for gay people are so various and at least among the young, we do not avoid talking about this topic. When the whole world is under the discussion of “equal marriage” and the homosexuality are fighting for their freedom, the homosexuals in China seems so quite. They do not fight for their right, they do not stay high profile. It is difficult for us even to know about the real life of homosexuality in China. Whether they are pleased with what they have or there is too many tension that they are too afraid to even say their problems aloud? In order to get an answer which is based on the reality rather than theory, I interviewed my gay friends in china before writing this essay. They are most around my age and I asked them a few question in general. Some did admit that they have a peaceful life and do not really want to fight for any right or freedom. HuangXin claimed, “I don't feel that there are any problems in China that I've come across. If we aren't too loud and proud about it then the subject doesn't even cross anyone's mind.” Yet, “doesn't come across” doesn't mean the problems do not exist. From my point of view, people in my age is still too young to realize the real difficulties in their life. So when my question comes to future or marriage, most of my interviewees have no ideas and some said that they would probably marry a female eventually. Only one guy was so clear that he would try to immigrate and get married in Canada. On the other hand, despite of limited authority and freedom for homosexuality in China, the do have a peaceful life at least on the surface or in their younger age, such as my gay friends. One of my gay friend even said:” May be for the Western people, freedom is the most important thing, but for us harmony is the most important thing.” What makes this happened? Why the Chinese have open view to gay people and also conservative in the same time? The long history of the homosexuality in China might contribute to people’s open attitude to gay people. The existence of homosexuality in China has been well documented since ancient times. As in Ancient Rome, homosexual relationships were prevalent in ancient China and were not regarded as morally deviant prior to the influence of foreign cultures. From the emperor to normal citizens, homosexual love was something equal to heterosexual love in the ancient time. As is mentioned during the class, traditional terms for homosexuality included "the passion of the cut sleeve" (duànxiù zhī pǐ), and "the bitten peach" (fēntáo). Similar to emperor AI, many emperors in the Chinese history are famous for their love story with their boys’ lover. In compare to homosexual story among emperors, usually the ideology did emphasize on male friendships instead of talking about sexual relationship. There is famous story almost every Chinese students know abot: Bai Juyi is one of many writers who wrote dreamy, lyrical poems to male friends about shared experiences. He and fellow scholar-bureaucrat Yuan Zhen made plans to retire together as Taoist recluses once they had saved enough funds, but Yuan's death kept that dream from being fulfilled. In Water Margin, a Song Dynasty novel, male revolutionary soldiers form deep, long lasting, and arguably romantic friendships. We even have a famous idiom to describe the close friendship that they are so close to each other so they lay next to each other for the whole night. After learning so many stories in ancient china, it is pretty obvious that the phrases indicate the sexual relationship between the two...
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