China's View of Foreigners

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  • Published : December 6, 2008
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China Coursework – What Is Chinas
View of Foreigners

In the 1900’s Chinas view of foreigners was very clear, they didn’t like them. China hated foreigners because of many things, evidence of these can be shown by things that had taken place at the time and cartoon drawings that had been drawn at the time also. Evidence of cartoon’s that showed that China didn’t like foreigners can be found in the “modern world China textbook”; China’s view of foreigners was that they were uncivilized and savage barbarians. They thought that foreigners were cheap, weak and people looking for trouble wherever they could. Evidence of this can be shown by this cartoon which was drawn at the time by China “China’s Fifteenth Century View of a Westerner”

As shown by the drawing, China clearly thought very little of foreigners. Also a cartoon that had been drawn in the 1900’s by the French which show’s China, represented by a cake, being carved up by foreign powers which is another example of why China hated foreigners. This cartoon is showing China being invaded and taken over by foreign powers such as Japan, France, England, Russia and Germany. These countries were the ‘west’ and china could do nothing about it.

The ‘Boxer Rebellion’ also shows why China hated foreigners. ‘Boxers’ were a Chinese secret society who tried to kill/kick out western powers ‘foreigners’ from China in 1900. When the Boxers failed they were executed by China’s authorities which humiliated China and the Emperor. This event also led to the Emperor’s downfall. However the worst foreign power intervention came when Japan exploited the chaos in China and invaded in 1937. The Japanese army used brutal methods to crush any resistance. The two main parties left in China – the Nationalists and the Communists were supposed to join together to fight back.

The Chinese communist party believed that China could be reformed by helping the peasants and removing the old corrupt ways. The leader of the Communists –...
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