Homosexuality and Reese Kentucky State

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Why Do They Exist?
Andre Reese Kentucky State University

God created all men and women across the world. He created the heaven, earth, and everything else. God created Adam and Eve, a heterosexual couple, as the basis of following human life. From a scientific standpoint, humans and animals were born with heterosexual instincts. Therefore, if god did not create them then why do they exist? I have a few theories on why they exist. First, homosexuals, transgender, and transsexuals could exist just solely on personal decision. Second, a person can go through traumatic situation. Lastly, a person can be taught to be one of those categories from birth.

God may have not created a person to be homosexual or transgender but he did create everyone to make their own decisions. When a person grows up, they have the freedom of choice. A person can choose to move out, cut their hair and live upon the animals or even choose to kill him or herself. Therefore, a person can choose to be gay. I have a friend that is a lesbian. She has not always been that way. She told me that she could not continue to be hurt emotionally by males. My friend cut her hair off and started dressing like a boy. She has no signs of mental defect and she never admitted history of liking girls she made a decision to start liking females. This personal experience shows anybody can just choose to be what he or she wants to be.

Second, traumatic experiences can alter a person’s life forever. Some people come back from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder affects the brain and increases fear and anxiety in people. This same disorder can cause heterosexual person choose to be gay. I once watched an episode of Law and Order: SVU where a man was raped when he was young and from then on became a homosexual. His mind was altered by a traumatic situation...
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