Homosexuality and Damnation

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Homosexuality and Damnation
Evette M Byrd
South University (Novi)

Homosexuality in general is defined as sexual curiosity and attraction to individuals of one's own sex. In dissimilar eras, beliefs, and religions, homosexual conduct has been variously accepted, tolerated, disciplined, or banned. Next you would need do know the definition of abomination. An abomination is simply that which is forbidden or unclean according to religion. Are individuals that choose to be homosexual damn to go to hell is what many Christians believe. Is this true or not is the question that seems to remain. Is homosexual’s very salvation in peril because of their sexuality? Many religious individuals feel that homosexuality is such an awful and perverse sin that salvation is beyond their clench. It has been taught in churches around the world that acting on an attraction to an individual of the same sex will cause God to turn his back on you and condemned you to hell. In that case since most religious individuals believe that being homosexual is damnation most Christians, Catholics, and other religious groups will be sharing a place in the lake of fire with the homosexuals. The Bible sets out for us clearly what is sinning, and homosexuality is included under that category. Homosexual behavior is sin. It is outside of God’s plan for how he made the world to function and is clearly forbidden numerous times in the bible, but as religious individuals we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Sin is sin in God’s eyes no sin is greater or lesser than another. Repentance from sin is a lifelong embarkment, going hand in hand with unpretentious/good faith. Christians and others feel that God is unpleased with homosexuality and the alarming rate that it is increasing so he decided to slow it down with cursing them with a plague. This is believed by Christians and other to be AIDS. This death spirit believe to be sent by God was a wakeup call. The first chapters of Genesis give...
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