Homosexual Police Officers

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  • Published : October 26, 2006
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Media coverage surrounding alternative sexualities has also expanded in recent years and, in the wake of gay liberation and the emergence of lesbian and gay studies, an ever increasing flow of academic documentation pertaining to sexual orientation has flourished. We now know more about homosexual lives in general and about the experiences of particular groups such as those in prison those who offer sex in exchange for money and those who lived during particular historical periods. However, with the knowledge and awareness about what it means to be gay or lesbian has increased considerably, there remains an ignorance on a number of homosexual issues. Explanations of why sexual orientations differ are still inadequate, and in a society that can still be hostile towards "deviant" sexual relationships, particularly in conjunction with various other co-factors such as occupation, can affect self-esteem, the development of personal identity, Christian ethics and general psychological functioning.

Many straight male police officers are against anything feminine. Being a competent female officer challenges assumptions that policing is a masculine occupation suited only for masculine men, so too does being a competent gay male officer. Homophobic attitudes in society at large and within law enforcement in particular create many problems for the gay or lesbian officer. On the job and interoffice up brings conflict between officers. Therefore, the gay or lesbian officer who is being mistreated on the job lacks respectful protection to confront the problem of being discriminated against. Unlike one's race or sex, lesbian and gay officers can choose to try to conceal their sexual orientation. Thus, some officers may experience the stress of staying closeted. Having the stress to remain closeted can bring the officer to the point of lacking performance, undependability, and even suicide. Interoffice Issues

Gay officers may try to present a heterosexual...
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