The Treatment of Homosexuals During the Holocaust

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  • Published: February 25, 2005
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A. Plan of Investigation

To what extent did the Nazi Regime's ideologies and policies influence the treatment of homosexuals after 1933?

In Nazi Germany, the Nazis goal to purify the Aryan race and eliminate deviants had an incredible effect on Germans from all walks of life, including prostitutes, alcoholics, the mentally ill, and especially homosexuals. This investigation will aim to determine the Nazis role in the rage against homosexuals during the holocaust, and how the treatment of homosexuals evolved, culminating in the eventual murders of thousands. Within the summary of evidence, I plan to study the existence of homosexuality prior to the holocaust, Nazis ideologies and policies regarding homosexuals and the treatment of homosexuals during the Nazis rule. Throughout this investigation a bibliography of secondary resources will be compiled related to this subject and will be evaluated. The information gathered from the research will then be analyzed, and ultimately a conclusion to this investigation will be made. B. Summary Of evidence

1. The Existence of homosexuality Prior to the Holocaust
The gay population soared after the first world war and with that a ton of support. In the early twenties, a number of homosexual associations were established. Homosexuality became so widespread in Germany that it was called, "the German disease" (Grou,110). Homosexuals consequently used their unbridled freedom and advantage at the time to form clubs, bars and committees. The Hirschfeld Magnus scientific- Humanitarian Committee was the largest and most influential group within the homosexual rights movement. Through propaganda they sought to transform the image of the homosexual man, and gain more support ( Plant 42). Hirchfeld also repeatedly tried to reform Germanys laws, particularly the notorious paragraph 175. This national law, enacted in 1871, stipulated that a "A man who indulges in criminally indecent activities with another male…will be...
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