Homework Isn't a Waste of Time

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Homework is defiantly not a waste of time. We understand more of what we learned at school, it gives us a chance to show how responsible we are by working independently, and it teaches us how to become more organized. These are just some of the reasons why I think that homework is not a waste of time. But I'm sure that there are plenty more of why homework is a good thing. Studies shown homework can make you smarter and more successful in life. A wise man once said "were doing our homework to make sure we're prepared." This quote is in fact true. In life there will be many obstacles in front of you and some you might have trouble getting through. So this is why being prepared can help you make life easier. One of the main essentials to make life easier is something called homework.  One reason why I think homework isn't a waste of time is because it teaches us how to become more organized. As we grow older, we become more organized because each year we learn how to organize our homework altogether and put it aside from other things so that it doesn't get lost. It also prepares us for high school because when we go, there would be a lot of homework from the different classes and we would also have to organize them so that they won't be submitted to the wrong teacher. Without homework, we wouldn't be as organized as we are right now. The more organized you are, the faster you get things done. It helps exercise your brain and refreshes it with brand new information you might need for after.  Furthermore, I think homework isn't a waste of time is because we understand more of what we learned at school by doing it at home. It gives us a clearer understanding of that specific subject or lesson that we learned that day. When we go back to school the next day, we would already understand the previous lesson so we could go ahead instead of repeating it. It also builds up our knowledge in that subject. I'm sure that everyone would want a clear understanding first then...
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