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Topics: Critical thinking, Education, Thought Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Mia Roach
Mrs. Wilson

“Homework Wars”
Have you ever thought that homework could be beneficial? Homework can benefit students by helping the educators with their academics. Academics involving critical thinking and preparing for test or quizzes. Furthermore, studies have been shown that students at the elementary level that are assigned homework do much better with their English skills and vocabulary. In addition, homework can help students achieve their main goals in school like pulling up a lower test scores, but the students must put in the time and effort on to doing their homework on the daily basis.

Homework is important because it helps the educators by applying the skills you learned in class at home. Following this further, it can be used as a review because it’s based on what you learn in class. Pursuing this further, it can keep student occupied for the time being when they’re bored. Consequently, homework is the way to keep important things to know in the memory. Also, homework can make the educators become more successful as a student. It can promote maturity, responsibility and help build confidence by gaining knowledge.

Homework makes you think by using your brain to recall materials. Also, your brain function improved and tends to get better results for tests and quizzes. Homework builds critical thinking skills by using deeply open ended questions that make you think. Moreover, critical thinking can enhance and broaden your skill level. Similarly, thoughtful homework can acquire knowledge and develop thinking skills.

Homework can be used to prepare for tests and quizzes. Secondly, it can sometimes be used as a study guide. Thirdly, the materials given on your homework can reappear on tests. Next, it makes the child feel responsible as a student in school by being prepared for various tests and quizzes. An informed student is an educated student. Finally, homework can be used for practice at home because...
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