Homework Is Similar to Sports

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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"Nothing in this world is simple and easy to accomplish. Even opening your eyes is a task in itself and needs efforts and synchronization to accomplish completely. And for things that are slightly more difficult than the normal tasks, it is more important to develop and adopt strategies so that you are able to do it on time and in a more efficient manner. Homework also falls in this category because it is quite difficult to do your homework timely because usually the quantum of homework is much more than the time available to the students. And hence it is essential that you take help on homework and adopt all other possible strategies for being able to do your homework on time. Homework is even actually quite similar to any sport that you play and all you sportsmen would relate extremely well to this corollary and can understand the sentiments behind the same.

Homework is similar to sport in several different ways. The first similarity between the two is the necessity of being thorough and completely well-versed with the basics and the basic concepts and theories. In sports, if you don't know the basic rules and the basic and main strategies that govern the game, you cannot do well because they lay the foundation on the basis of which you proceed further and same is the case with homework as well. Homework is something that requires the knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts and theories so that you can use them for solving further problems and questions. One more thing similar in both homework and sports is the practice required in both. In both the activities, you need enough and continuous practice for improvement or for developing new skills and characteristics because without practice, it is impossible to excel.

You even need a coach to regularly guide you in both the circumstances. When you are playing any sports and you need to gain the highest achievement in the same, you will be putting in the hard work and the efforts but you will need...
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