Homemade Lotion

Topics: Question, Skin, Skin care Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: June 28, 2011
Our skin is the largest organ of out body, which gets damaged by the sun, poor diet, stress, pollution and hormonal changes. With dry skin, we can have itchiness, rashes and irritation. To prevent these from happening, lotion is applied to the body. It makes the skin soft and supple. Lotion also keep the skin hydrated, makes it healthy and young looking.

Our experiment will focus on making lotion that will moisturize the skin, have fragrant and is affordable. In order to know if homemade lotions are less expensive than regular lotions bought in stores, we conducted this study. By computing all our expenses that we spent in this experiment, then compare it with the price of the lotion sold in stores, with this method we can determine which is cheaper. We want to know if lotion made at home can still be more attractive than lotions purchased in stores. To answer our query we will conduct a survey to 20 people, each of them will try the (a.) lotion made at home (b.) lotion bought in stores. But before they try it they will be ask to wear a blind fold so that they will not know which one they are testing.

We want to know even if it is a home made lotion it can still have a high quality result, just like the commercial lotions. To know whether it has a high quality result, we will be asking questions to the people who will try it like- Does the lotion made at home produce the same moisturizing effect like the ones bought in the market? And many more question for us to answer our curiosity with this subject. Does the scent of the lotion made by us last for a long time like the ones in stores? Specially when it is applied to the skin? Will the lotion done by us give the softness and healthy looking? This are some of the questions that we would like to know the answer, that is why we conducted this study.

While lotions sold in the market are effective, we conducted this study to find out if the quality of homemade lotion is at...
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