Cocoa Butter

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Jane Doe
Mrs. Rayborn
Speech 9-2
8 April 2012
Cocoa Butter
Everybody loves chocolate right? Well do you want to know what part of the ingredients is? Cocoa beans, that's what makes the chocolate melt in your mouth, but this isn't about chocolate this is about lotion, more specifically Cocoa butter lotion. Do you have dry flaky skin that's bothering you. Do you constantly have to itch your skin? Well if so, you need cocoa butter lotion and all that will go away. Motivation-

Cocoa butter softens your skin and gives it that moisturized feeling and look. For all you ladies out there who get pregnant or just have stretch marks cocoa butter can make that go away pronto. Cocoa butter also melts to your body temperature and it's guaranteed to work for 12 hours! Don't think I forgot you guys for all you men that can't find the right smell to impress that girl cocoa butter works 8 times out of ten. Yes it's proven that eight out of ten girls prefer the smell of cocoa butter. Satisfaction-

You could keep using the same old lotion smelling like regular lotion OR you could change to that yummy smelling, long lasting moisturizer.

Imagine you being that sexy guy walking down the hall sleeves rolled up showing off that moisturized skin on your arms legs and face. Imagine all the girls in school leaning in to get a whiff of you, rubbing their hands on your arms rubbing them and sniffing them I don't know about you, but if I could I would be putting this on right now. Call to action-

If you're interested in my product you can find it in the health and beauty section in Wal-Mart or Target. For a low price of 5-10 dollars for a 32 fluid ounce bottle. Come and get it while the price is low.
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