Home Invasion Scenario

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While on duty the night of July 9th a call came over the radio at approximately 11:15 pm about a home invasion and assault. I confirm the address while en route to 54321 22 mile rd Tustin MI. I ask the dispatcher if the perp is still at the location and if there is a weapon. The dispatcher confirms there is a weapon and that the perp is still there, request backup. Inquire if dispatch is on the phone currently with the victim and request EMS.I inquire about more information on the perp if any, he is wearing a dark hoodie, jeans, white skater type shoes and a black ball cap with a Detroit logo on it. He is approximately six feet tall about 245 pounds, he is Caucasian, and looked to be in his twenties. Ask dispatch location of backup units. Upon arrival at the scene the perp is fleeing the scene on foot to the north. I contact dispatch and other units to inform them of this so the other units can watch for suspect as they are arriving and to keep them informed as to the direction he went.

I go in the residence and check on the victim Ima Victim. Ima is a 38 year old Caucasian woman whom is a professor at Baker College. I relay to dispatch that she is alright however she is distraught. My backup arrives and we canvas the area in the direction the assailant went. When we turn up nothing we call for the K-9 unit, Night vision and we secure the scene so no evidence gets tampered with. When our help arrives we use the K-9 to try and follow the scent of the assailant. While the area is being searched I question the victim about the incident and the assailant. She said she had him in class at Baker College and that he lives by Rose Lake not too far from where she lives. His name is William Bad Guy and he is 22 years old. She advised me that he had been hitting on her and trying to get her to” hook up with him”, she however turned him down and this apparently angered him. She said he attacked her and held a gun to her as he attempted to rape her. After taking all the...
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