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April 15, 2013
•What is this approach about?
Holacracy is an organizational governance system that exists beyond the people and that can hold a broader purpose even as the individuals come and go. It is a distributed authority system that forces empowerment into the core of the organization. Everyone becomes a leader of their roles and follower of others, processing tensions with real authority and real responsibility, through dynamic governance and transparent operations.

The structure is built as a holarchy of semi-autonomous, self-organizing circles. Each circle is given a purpose by its higher-level circle, and has the authority and responsibility to execute, measure, and control its own processes to move towards that purpose.

Operations inside Holacracy system enables most work to get done by clear roles using authority and group consensus-seeking. Anything in the way of getting the work done gets identified and processed into clear next-actions and target outcomes. When using Holacracy, regular governance meetings structure and evolve how the work gets done. Everyone leaves with clarity on who is accountable for what, with what authority, and what constraint.

•What are according to you and your readings the potential benefits and drawbacks of this approach (particularly in the context of a CSR-oriented company)? By this definition of Holacray “Holacracy means governance by the organizational entity itself – not governance by the people within the organization or by those who own the organization, as in all previous systems of governance, but by organization’s own “free will”. (Tusar N. Mohapatra, 2006), by applying the Holacracy in an organization this will bring a natural way of free emerge and allow it to govern itself. A company itself can “tell” all the needs...
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