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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Reaction on Completed Staff Work

Many in different organization, plans and programs are usually formulated and implemented by top officials, and problems encountered were given solutions also. These are the common scenario wherein the burden is placed on one’s shoulder only. Through the implementation and adoption of CSW in an organization, these will relieve stress and anxiety to any top officials. The common scenario in many organizations, subordinates bring their managers a problem and sometimes even possible solutions, but usually they do no more. This causes a more stressful condition to the manager in charge. Securing the rationale and objectives of CSW will help alleviate or lessen the burden. Its aims and benefits will be of great help to run and handle any organization.

As I see it, it can also be applied to some local government units for example in my area which is the Barangay. Having been mandated and given three (3) functions, the executive, legislative and judiciary it is very stress full to act as if you are a superman to perform those duties and functions. As the basic unit of the government, there are so many functions and work vested upon us. After knowing the doctrines of CSW, I personally find it useful and can help unload such burden in my part. It’s like trusting your staff and gives or delegate work to your subordinates. These will create also a good camaraderie between the chief executive and the subordinates and they even feel that they are worthy of the things they do and presented. Much more if the projects and programs will be implemented to the community. One can feel much of his existence in the organization if he/she took part in presenting a solution and will then be part of the milestones that the barangay will be pushing to provide a more efficient and effective service delivery.
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