Hnf 132 - Exercise 2

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Exercise No. 2
Work, Area Planning and Designing

1. Analyze the layout of an existing foodservice facility’s various work areas. 2. Re-layout the work areas following the princes of design and the design considerations for the different work areas. 3. Discuss the changes in work area designs that made them more efficient.

4.Work aisle
Aisles between equipment and worktables must have at least a 3-foot clearance; 3.5 to 4 feet are required if oven doors are to be opened or contents from tilting kettles must be removed in the aisle space. Usually one or two main aisles go through a kitchen with aisles into work areas that are parallel or perpendicular to the main aisle but are separated from them. (Palacio, 2005)

A minimum of 4 linear feet of worktable space is recommended for each preparation employee, but 6 feet is preferable. Work heights are generally 36”-41” for standing and 28”-30” for sitting positions. 5.Traffic aisle

The traffic aisle should be a minimum of 5 feet wide and it should be wide enough to allow carts and hand trucks to pass without interfering with each other or with the other workers in the unit. Aisles must be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate people with wheelchair. 6.Optimum heights

The average height of a worktable for women is 37”-39” and for men is 39”-41”. For the table where light work is done, the preferable distance for the arms should be 3” above the table, while for the table with heavy load, the best height is where the wrist bends. The maximum length for the workers to be able to fully reach the table is 5”.

The space in the work area should be wide enough to allow hand trucks, platform scales and desk or a work space of a receiving clerk for checking off items that are delivered. The exterior door should be wide (6 feet) enough to accommodate hand trucks, large cartons and any large pieces of equipment that are to be installed in the kitchen. 7.Cafeteria design

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