Timber 2013 Major Folio

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Timber 2012/2013

Hsc major project folio


How efficient will it be in a working environment?
I have taken into consideration that I am a bit taller than other people, and after measuring all cabinets in my house they ranged from 900 mm to 950 mm and for me personally I considered them to be to small. Which is the reason I have chosen to make it to 1000mm.

How did I come up with the design and why?
Originally I started looking on the Internet and browsing through images but there were just so many options and I would not have known how to begin making them. During our theory lesson at school the teacher brought some magazines into the classroom, after reading through and getting some ideas I finally found a cabinet that captured my attention both because of the amazing look and the complexity of it, my design I very similar to the one that was in the magazine. I chose to make a cabinet as I noticed that one particular cabinet at my house is very bland and is starting to deteriorate due to its old age.

Timber Selection
What timber did I use and why?
For the legs of my major project I have used Sydney Blue Gum as it is a hardwood timber that is more than capable of holding my job upright and also as I have used it before and have seen how it finishes.

What Glue/s have I used and why?
Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA) is the most common glue that I will be using as it is fast drying, dries clear, creates a strong bond between both timber surfaces and is easy to work with.

What hardware has been used and why?

What joints have I used and why?

Time Management Plan

Week| Monday| Tuesday| Wednesday| Friday|
1| Designing Project – SketchingTheory| Designing Project – Sketching Theory| Designing Project – Adding DimensionsTheory| Selecting Timbers – Bought Blue Gum timber for LegsTheory | 2| Cut out legs 45mm X 45mmEach 1000mm long| | Marked and cut first curve on front legs| Roughly sanded curves with drum sander| 3| Marked and cut out second curve on front legs| Roughly sanded curves with drum sander| Problem – One of the curves was out significantly, new leg had to be made.| Cut out new leg and cut curve on one side| 4| Cut second curve on leg and sanded on drum sander| | Major Project Portfolio explained and examples shownTheory| Cut all legs to precisely 1000mm| 5| Began sanding legs with 80 grit sandpaper| Sanding legs with 80 grit sandpaper| Sanding legs with 80 grit sandpaper| Sanding legs with 80 grit sandpaper| 6| Sanding legs with 80 grit sandpaper| | | |

7| | | | |
8| | | | |
9| | | | |
10| | | | |

Materials List

Material| Length (mm)| Width (mm)| Thickness (mm)| Estimated Cost| Cost| Sydney Blue Gum (Legs & Top)| 1200| 300| 45| $90| $137| Jarrah (Door Frames)| | | 15| $45| |
Maple (Draw Fronts)| 800| 140| 20| $20| |
MDF (Back)| 900| 480| 3| | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |

Statement of intent

Throughout this year and next I intend on designing and constructing a modern wooden cupboard.
It will consist of two drawers up the top of the job and two doors with glass panels in them below.
My goal is to make it perfectly with minimal complications or problems. I plan to achieve this by following my original designs and if need be small alterations might be made to ensure the job is up to a suitable standard.

For the legs and the top of my job I plan on using Sydney blue gum as in previous years I have used it and personally I think it has a nice colour and finishes well. For the framing of the doors I plan on using some Jarrah as I think it will mix well with the Sydney blue gum and provide an amazing contrast of colors. For the draw fronts I plan on using a lighter material such as maple because it adds another colour that I think will look good. I also plan on putting frosted glass...
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