Hku Application Essay

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Who am I?
I would like to characterize myself as “innovative ” and “devotional”, and that, I believe, is also the way that other people would see me. And there is an experience of mine that shows nicely my personality. I am always interested in creating things or ideas. My schoolmates know that well, so they choose me to lead an English Opera program in the 11th grade. Though the workload in the program was heavy, I had a great time being a part of it. I learned a lot about obeying the leaders, being a leader and most importantly, taking responsibility. In other words, I learned a lot about how to work for and with people. One achievement of my work in the program worthy of mention is this. By creating a new context, I have transformed the authentic story “The Pied Piper” into a whole new version. And it got the third place prize in a contest at my school. I am born with a venturing spirit. I like to sky the limit, crossing academic boundary. I believe that only by breaking boxes can one get something surprisingly good. I believe I am the right kind of student for HKU.

Why HKU?
When I was a high school student, I had attained a boy scout camp for boy scouts from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The experience of interacting with the students from Hong Kong was fascinating. They were quite passionate, open-minded and friendly. I believe that there are two reasons for that kind of personality. The first is about location. For a very long time, Hong Kong has resided, culturally and geographically, in the intersection among Mainland China, South-Eastern Asia, and, in fact, the rest of the world. It is a truly and highly internationalized city. With the good location, come excellent people. For the matter at hand, Hong Kong has attracted many excellent teachers and students from all over the world. The rich and diversity of the learning environment, no doubt, contributes to the open-mindness of its students. For the same reasons, more and...
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