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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Your educational, research, and/or employment experience as it relates to your continued training in research.

I have completed General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I and General Physics I, along with their respective laboratory sections, as well as an Environmental Chemistry course. I will have completed Organic Chemistry II and General Physics II by the end of this current semester. I am working as a stockroom assistant in the Ohio Wesleyan Chemistry Department. It is my responsibility to prepare solutions, organize the various scientific instruments, and maintain the laboratory facilities for both the general chemistry and organic chemistry laboratory sessions. Areas of particular interests and your reasons for these choices. Be as specific as possible. This section is used in assigning fellows to their individual research projects.

I have always been daddy's little girl since I was born and I am not ashamed to admit that my interest in chemistry started out just to impress my dad. He was a chemistry graduate student and he loves sharing his knowledge of chemicals. He commonly to dictated the ingredient labels on consumer products, especially drugs, with explanations for each component. His knowledge had always been a fuel for my passion in chemistry. Consequently, I studied chemistry more thoroughly than any subject in high school. I came to college to further my knowledge and to open my eyes to a wider world. The more I knowledge I gain, the more I want to learn, especially organic chemistry. In one of her lectures, my organic chemistry professor told us the story of thalidomide whose R enantiomers were an effective morning sickness cure, but S enantiomers caused teratogenesis. It fascinates me how a simple switch in the stereocenter would cause such different biochemical responses. Despite my initial struggles in college, having a hard time fitting in and suffering homesickness, I really enjoyed learning about organic compounds and their different...
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