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Topics: Cricket, International Cricket Council, 18th century Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The New Tulip International School, Bopal, Ahmedabad-380058. Class: IX (CBSE) Sub: HistoryDate:
History and Sports: The Story Of Cricket
1. When were the laws of cricket drawn up? What were mentioned in the first written laws of cricket? 2. ‘The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.’ Explain. 3. What were the differences between amateurs and professionals? 4. Why was the Pentagular Tournament condemned by Gandhiji? 5. ‘One hundred and fifty years ago the First India Cricketers, the Parsis, had to struggle to find an open space of play.’ Why was it so? 6. ‘The history of Gymkhana Cricket led to first class cricket being organized on communal and racial lines.’ Explain. 7. What changes were introduced in cricket during the late 18th Century? 8. How cricket’s equipment changed with times and yet remained true to its village origin? 9. How has television coverage changed the position of cricket? 10. Why did cricket remain a colonial game?

11. How cricket was played 500 years ago?
12. How is cricket different from other modern contemporary games? 13. What are some oddities found in cricket? Explain with examples and also give reasons. 14. Why were 40 runs viewed as a very big score during the 18th Century? 15. When and where was the world’s first cricket club formed? 16. What were some of the famous rules that were introduced after the revision of cricket laws by the MCC in 1787? 17. What were some of the important changes that occurred during the 19th Century? 18. How did Industrial Revolution shape the nature of cricket? 19. ‘Cricket’s connection with a rural past can be seen in the length of a Test Match.’ Explain. 20. Explain how cricket’s vagueness about the size of a cricket ground a result of its village origins. 21. ‘The organization of cricket in England reflected the nature of English society.’ Explain. 22. Why do the laws of cricket always give the...
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