The Menacing Dances of Women Destroying the Aristocracy of Cricket

Topics: Cricket, International Cricket Council, Test cricket Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The menacing dances of women
Destroying the aristocracy of Cricket

Cricket history is in fact particularly murky and vogue as to the exact origins of the game. It is believed to have been born in England in the late middle ages.

The name “Cricket” derives from the word “Creckett”. This game born in the year 1598 meaning a stick and this might have derived from the old English “Crice or Cryce” meaning a crutch or staff. Another possible source is the Middle Dutch word “Krickstoel” meaning a long low stool used for kneeling in Church and which resembled long low wicket with two stumps used in ancient cricket.

According to Heiner Gillmeister, a European language expert of Bonn University, “Cricket” derives from the middle Dutch met de “Krik ket” sen (i.e. with the stick chase”) which also suggests a Dutch connection in the game’s origin

Derek Birley in his Book, “A Social History of English Cricket” mentioned that the cricket game came in to England through the French during the time of the Norman Invasion that their word ‘criquet’ was the dialect name for a variation of club ball, the game Edward the III had sought to eradicate. As a matter of fact the name cricket was believed to be derived from various words like ‘Creag’, Creaget etc.

At the beginning the game was being played by the boys, as a result, a dictionary defined cricket as a boys’ game. In 1611, the cricket was being first played by the adults and it is recorded that two players were prosecuted for playing cricket on Sunday instead of attending the Church. There after in 1628 ten men were fined for not attending Church services. First great cricket match was held in the year 1696 in Sussex, they were eleven of a side.

The laws of cricket had been codified in the year 1744 and in 1788. The laws were revised by the Marylebone Cricket Club, they covered the length of the pitch, and the distance between creases, wicket size, and weight of the ball, thus MCC became the custodian of...
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