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the renaissance.
-rebirth;period of west european's history where there was a great philosophical and artistic movement. -14th to 17th century
before the renaissance
-decline in middle ages
-focuses were mainly on rural and agricultural
-writings mostly concerned with the Church
-feudalism to national monarchies
-man became interested with the affairs of the world; they began to drift from the Church; they started to question life; -crusades
origin of italian renaisance
the renaissance started in italy because of several reasons; some of which are: -the crusades-this allowed the europeans to be exposed to greek and roman writing which were preserved by the muslims -trading- italy was the centre of the mediterrainean trade; this brought about great wealth to the country; the medici family was incharge of trade; they were very wealthy, this wealth was used to sponsor artists,painters,writers etc. -italians were more attached to their classical roman heritage -six major cities of italy in which the renaissance flourished -genoa -venice -florence -milan -naples -rome

-the study of classical writings (greeks and romans) ; it is the philosophy that people are rational beings -men of the renaissance period began to break away from the church; we say this because they had began to criticize the authority of the church as well as they were quite interested in life itself ; these men were known as humanists, they had believed that life was more than living for the church but that man was intelligent beings and full of worth

Dante Alighieri
-From Florence
-Thinker and Writer of late13th-early14th century
-Pioneer of Renaissance ; Father of the Italian language
-Diplomat; Political Observer;Great Poet;
-Expressed words in the native Tuscan Tongue
-Wrote "The Divine Comedy"

Francesco Petrarch
-poet;studied law; member of the clergy;"founder of humanism" -master of lyric poetry
-interested in archeology and collecting coins and medals
-criticized the medieval educational method

Northern Humanists
Desiderius Erasmus
-fought falsehood
-studied publication of classical literature
-book: Praise of Folly
where he made fun of the clergy;wrote against indulgences,fasting on fridays and during lent; and the some of the Church's interpretation of the bible

Thomas More
-book: utopia =criticized the society of his day
-English Humanist

Francois Rabelais
- Frenchman
-Two great loves: classical learning, people of France
-Loved his native french speech
-Book: The Intestimable Life of the Great Gargantua,Father of Pantagruel -Ridiculed fakery and falsehood; had the highest regard for honesty

Printing Press - Johann Gutenberg
-this sped up the reproduction of books
-helped in the setting up of libraries
-popularised the ideas and information of the renaissance
-spread from Germany to western countries and became very famous in Italy Aldus Manutius - famous italian printer of Venice
-resolved that he would publish all the Greek and Latin classics which he wanted to sell at a price the average person could afford. He did this by printing books of small sizes and inexpensive paper. -Aldine type- known today as Italics

-Painting and Architecture
-Renaissance architects drew inspiration from studying the old Greek and Roman designs -Central feature of a renaissance building - dome placed on a drum -Round arches and long rows of greek columns were much used.

Michelangelo-native of florence.
-Dome of St.Peter's was finished according to his designs
-Fresco painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -Vatican -Italian artsits were skilled in the art of painting portraits and less successful at landscapes -they were commissioned to decorate churches with paintings based on themes taken from the Bible as well of lives of the saints.

OLD MASTERS OF ITALIAN PAINTING : Michelangelo; Leonardo Da Vinci, Correggio,...
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