History of Trigonometry Research

Topics: Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Shawnje Granville
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January 17,2013


The history of algebra goes way back in time (more than 4000 years . Algebra is a sub within mathematics, but for historical reasons, the word "algebra" has three meanings that can all suffice in defining the word or term . Algebra can mean use of letters and symbols to represent values and their relations, especially for solving equations,major branch of mathematics which studies relations and operations or mathematical structure as a "linear" ring, is also called "algebra," or sometimes .algebra is one of main branches of pure mathematics, together with geometry, analysis, topology,statistics and number theory.

Algebra s often taught from anywhere between secondary school to the 12th grade . But does anyone ever stop to wonder were it originated ? Historians trace the roots of algebra back to ancient Babylon society , they developed the first arithmetic mathematical system .It is believed that priests used mathematics and algebra along side their religious rituals. in the 1st millennium BC, mathematicians usually solved such equations by geometric methods, such as those described in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, Euclid's Elements, and The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art. Much of our knowledge of ancient Egyptian mathematics, including algebra, is based on the Rhind papyrus. This was written about 1650 B.C. The Greek mathematician Diophantus has traditionally been known as the "father of algebra" but in more recent times there is debate over whether al-Khwarizmi, who created the discipline of “al-jabr“, should be considered the “father of algebra “.The Persian mathematician Omar Khayyam is credited with identifying the foundations of algebraic geometry and found the general geometric solution of the cubic equation. With influences and theories from all these different people the renowned math principle used in schools all over his world was...
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