History of the Internet

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Leonard Kleinrock Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Internet, also known as the World Wide Web, has been around for longer than most people would have thought. It started out as a small military project by ARPANET in 1969 that connected a computer from Stanford University to UCLA, with the use of Leonard Kleinrock’s packet switching, in an attempt to send a message, which soon paved the way to the future of absolute human ingenuity. The Internet has become one of the most significant and powerful military inventions ever conceived, and it has changed and impacted the majority of people around the world: socially, economically, and politically.

There has been much of a social impact that the Internet has made around the world, mainly in first-world countries, such as the United States, Canada, and large parts of Europe, where general Internet usage has proliferated dramatically over the last fifteen years. “Internet use has expanded since the early 1990s in ways scarcely imagined more than a decade ago,” and access to the Internet itself is not restricted to computers, but also tablet PCs, smartphones, and etc. The vast majority of people nowadays are relying more and more on computers and the Internet to get information, instead of travelling to a library to take out a book or compact disc. Libraries are becoming a thing of the past, as newer technology has become the normal standard for reading and obtaining knowledge. The digital medium has been described as being more efficient and reliable than the physical medium, while it is more preferable. Additionally, much of the entertainment industry that provides television, movies, video games, literature, and etc. has found its way on the Internet, and as of late, has been more preferable and profitable in terms of efficiency, whether it be legal or illegal.

In the realm of economics, computer and Internet use in businesses around the world has been a steady, on-going medium for years, and has been used to ensure that virtually every business has...
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