History of the Federal Parole System

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  • Published : August 11, 2010
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The parole system began after enactment of legislation on June 25, 1910. By legislation of May 13, 1930, a single Board of Parole in Washington, D.C. was established (Chase, 2000).

Parole procedure starts with the inmate’s eligibility for parole which is determined by the sentence initially received from the court. Not all inmates are eligibility for parole, however some inmates convicted of non violent crimes must spend only fifty percent of their sentence incarcerated. Inmates convicted of violent crimes must spend eighty five percent of their sentences. If an inmate is convicted of murder he must spend hundred percent of his/her sentence (Frank Schmalleger, 2010).

Each jurisdiction has a parole board for the inmates that wish to seek parole. For the parolee, they must attend a parole hearing which also has the victims, the institutional representative, and parole board members. Parole hearings usually take between ten to fifteen minutes for the...
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