State and Federal Prison System

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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State and Federal Prison System

In our prison system today there are state and federal prisons throughout the United States. Our prison system is based on the created of the nineteenth century prisons that were used. Prisons confined felons serving sentences longer than a year and those sentence to less than a year stayed in jails. Prisons had a long term goals to provide inmates with a spiritual and human atmosphere were before the conditions in prisons were inhumane with horrible living conditions. The number of prisons in each state today, range from “Three in North Dakota to over 100 in Texas.” (Foster. 2006, p.123) many of the states started their prisons systems with penitentiary, and institution operated using the Auburn model and then continued to build additional as the population started to increase. (Foster, 2006, p.123)

The federal prison system did not come into action until the 1930 federal Bureau of Prisons was created, and since then the federal prison system has not made much changes as to how they operated their prisons. “Texas Department of Criminal Justice, as the Texas prison system is called today, and it is now known around the world as the “capital of capital punishment,” (Foster, 2006, p.129) it is said that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice conducts the most executions out of the prisons. Even with the state and federal system separated the number of state inmates still on the rise. The “get-tough” legislation and the “War on Drugs” have increased jail and prison to a staggering increase in the population within the prisons system. (Foster, 2006) the majority of the population comes for those who have parole violations and are sent back to prisons for not following the conditions of their parole. The increase of...
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