History of Graffiti

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Graffiti as a Fine Art
Graffiti is the act of drawing pictures or writing words on in any way on private or public property. Most commonly, graffiti is done with spray paint cans and markers in very publicly visible locations. The modern form of this art as we know it today was originated back in the late 1950’s. It has developed from simple letters and pictures to elaborate and beautiful pieces of art. Active graffiti writers are very talented artists that implement every aspect of art into their pieces. Although graffiti done without permission is still illegal, it has become accepted and used in the mainstream culture. Often times, graffiti reflects the time period and the issues that were relevant and therefore could be recognized as historical and revolutionary works of art. Graffiti artists use buildings in highly populated cities as their canvas due to the increased scale of impact it can have on a large amount of people. Most people in society view graffiti pieces negatively. Low class neighborhoods and vandalism are often associated with this form of artwork. Just like all other forms of fine artwork, graffiti pieces by true graffiti artists need to be analyzed and appreciated for the deeper meaning that they hold. Graffiti artists risk their reputations and security writing publicly. An extremely influential writer, Jerry Moise Rosembert, does social graffiti and his drawings often have political or social messages. Jerry Moise Rosembert is a Haitian and he writes to help people stay positive when it is most difficult. For example, during the cholera outbreak in Haiti in October of 2010 Jerry drew murals reminding people to wash their hands to prevent the spread. In places like Haiti cholera can be extremely deadly which is why it was so important that Jerry get his message of good hygiene across to the public. Graffiti is an extremely effective way of getting an important message across to a large amount of people in a short amount of time....
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