History of Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc.
17 December 2011

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Apple Inc.

Do you own an iPod? Or how about a Mac computer? Apple products are very well known all around the world. Even though they seem like such a great product, it took their creator Steve Jobs and many helpful employees to perfect the iPod to how it is today. Jobs endured financial loss, risk of failure, threats, and lawsuits, and success in only thirty-five years. He fought with all he had, even with his life with cancer. Steve Jobs will always be remembered as a visionary who changed the way the world lives in the eyes of computers.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. They first started out in 1976 when Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs were friends in high school and they had both been interested in electronics. They kept in touch after graduation, and both ended up dropping out of college and getting jobs working for companies in Silicon Valley. Wozniak had been designing computers for quite a long time and he came out with the Apple I in 1976, but, unfortunately, itwasn’t taken seriously by their consumers.

After that, their team decided to come out with the Apple II, which became very popular because it was the first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics. This caused Apple to take off and become well known and sales multiplied. In early 1978, the Apple Disk II, which was the most inexpensive,

easy to use floppy drive ever, (at the time), made Apple sales further increase. By 1980, when the Apple III was released, they had several thousand employees, and they began to send computers aboard. When Jobs was declared to be a poor project manager and only owned 11% of Apple, he decided to start working with the Macintosh, which would start out as a $500 personal computer.

In 1981 IBM came out with their first PC, becoming a big threat to Apple sales. On January 22nd, 1984, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Apple aired a 60 second commercial introducing the Macintosh. Ridley Scott directed the video and the theme of the commercial was to say that a new machine would shatter the world. At first, the Macintosh sold very well, but, by Christmas of 18454 people did not like the lack of the small amount of Ram and Hard drive space. During 1985, Apple had to lay off 1,200 employees and also had to post its first quarterly loss.

One of Apple’s CEOs fought with Microsoft’s Bill Gates over the introduction of Windows 1.0 because the Windows 1.0 had many similarities to the Mac GUI. Gates finally agreed to sign a statement, stating that Microsoft would not use Mac technology in Windows 1.0. Unfortunately, it did not say anything about the future versions of Windows and because of this there were future lawsuits between Apple and Microsoft.

Once LaserWriter, the first affordable PostScript laser printer for Mac, and the PageMaker, one of the first Desktop Publishing programs, came out, Mac started to become popular again. These two inexpensive publishing programs made Mac become successful overnight again. In 1987, Apple introduced the Mac II, which was

built with expandability in mind. After selling 50,000 Mac II’s in a month, Rolling Stone’s Magazine put Apple on the front page stating they were a “Wall Street Darling.”
When Microsoft came out with Windows 3.0 in 1990, Apple decided to license the Mac OS to stay above Microsoft. In 1994 Apple announced the PowerMac family, the first Macs to be based on the PowerPC chip, an extremely fast processer co-developed with IBM and Motorola. Apple had problems with building their computers; therefore by 1995 Apple had $1 billion in backorders, and they lost $68 million for that quarter. In 1997 Jobs, now the CEO of Apple, made a speech saying they had an...
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