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Topics: English-language films, Tony Blair, 2000s drama films Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: December 20, 2012
long time ago a young lady named Stella was put into prison by the king.

eloved by her family, she was forced to spin straw into silks of gold.

arrying the kings will she tried to spin straw but she couldn’t do it.

ays and days she cried because she could not spin the straw into gold.

ecept one day something really strange happened.

ar in the corner was a little man who went to her and said…

enerally, I wouldn’t help you peasents but I’ll make you a deal.

Uh? A deal? Okay but what is it? ,said Stella.

‘ll spin the straw for you but you have to give me your heart-shaped locket your wearing ,said the man.

ust be careful with it okay ,said Stella.

ing Sam was surprised to see all the straw spun into gold in a week.

earning how to spin gold is a tough job and you do a great it well so, I’ll give you more straw and you can be my queen ,said King Sam.

arrying the king would help my family get lots of money so I’ll ask the man again ,thought Stella.

o! I wont do it! Unless… ,chuckled the man, You give me your first born baby .

kay ,said Stella. So the man went to work smiling.
Utting straw into straw was hard but the man did it quickly so the king and Stella got married.

Ueen Stellla soon had a baby and the man came to her.

Oaring the man said, Give me your baby now!

Tella said, No! He’s my baby and I won’t give him to you.

He promise you made REMEMBER! Anyway you don’t need to give me your baby if you know my name and I’ll give you three days to figure it out ,said the man.

h… okay ,replied Stella.

ery carefully, she chose a little messenger to follow the little man.

Andering around the forest the man soon started to sing and sang, My name is Rumpelstiltskin and the queen won’t know my name.

Avier was the baby’s name Stella had.

Our name is Rumpelstiltskin ,said Stella.

Ip! Zap! Rumpelstiltskin was gone in no time and soon after the queen and her baby...
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