Topics: Ottoman Empire, Armenian Genocide, Armenia Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Title of page- Frequently Asked Questions about the Armenian Genocide Paragraph 1
5-7 The Armenian Genocide was planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire 7- Happened in World war one between 1915-1918
8- Armenian people had to deal with deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre and starvation. 9- Many Armenians were forcibly removed from Armenia, Anatolia and sent to Syria. There many were sent to the desert to die of thirst and hunger 11- all the wealth of the Armenians were expropriated

Paragraph 2
1-2 The Committee of Union Progress (The Young Turks) was the political party in power in the Ottoman Empire. They were the group that decided to carry out genocide against the Armenian people 10- The Young Turks wanted to liquidate the Armenians from the Ottoman Empire Paragraph 3

1- Over one and a half million Armenian died between 1915 and 1923 2- Over a million of the 2 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire were deported 2 Hundreds of thousands were butchered

5 Thousands fled to the Russian borders and lived as refugees 8 By 1923 the land mass of Asia Minor and West Armenia were expunged of all Armenian population Paragraph 4
1- U.S diplomatic representative and missionaries were the first to send news about the Armenian genocide outside of the Ottoman empire 11- Many Turkish officials gave testimonies under oath during post-war tribunals. The New York Times

Armenian Genocide Of 1915- An Overview By John Kifner

1- Less than 400,00 Armenians of the 2million that lived in the Ottoman Empire lived 5- Rape and beatings were common
13- 17 The Turkish claim that there was to premeditation to the deaths of the Armenians, therefore it was not a Genocide. In Turkey today it remains a crime to even discuss what happened to the Armenians 45- 48 On April 24, 1915 several hundred Intelligent Armenians were rounded up, arrested...
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