Armenian Genocide

Topics: World War I, Ottoman Empire, World War II Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: March 5, 2013
April is the month of mourning for Armenians around the world. On April 24, every Armenian remembers the loss of his/her family member in Turkey. Some 1.5 million Armenian systematical massacred during the years of 1915 to 1923 in their homeland, western Armenia. This barbarous crime was the first Genocide of the 20th century, the Armenian Genocide.

Before Armenian Genocide, Armenians and Turks lived in harmony in the Ottoman Empire for centuries. During these times, although Armenians were not equal, they were pretty well accepted and relatively had no violent conflict. Things began to change for a couple of reasons. Nationalism, a new force in the world, which made ethnic grouping very important, and the Ottoman Empire began to have problems. World War one gave Ottoman Empire the cover and excuse to carry out their plan, which was to exterminate Armenian race, as it says in the Bryce Report, “This annihilation….. Planned to be carried under the cover of war”. The whole world was in the shadow as deliberate slaughter of Armenian race continued. The slaughter of Armenian race went on for almost two years. The number of Armenians killed by Ottoman Empire rose over than 1.5 million.

“Armenian political, religious, educational, and intellectual leaders in Istanbul were arrested.” [Bryce Report] The Turks’ motive was simple, yet carried out brutally. The Turks aimed for ethnic cleansing, and nationalism. The elimination of the Armenians seemed as the first step to the Turks, to achieve their goals, as the Armenians had developed the most in the empire, and so, they constituted the wealthy, the merchant, as well as the working class, giving them almost complete control of the empire. “The Armenians were driven out brutally from the length and breadth of the empire.”[Bryce Report] On April, 24th 1915, hundreds of Armenian political leaders were murdered in Istanbul after being called and gathered. Finally, the remaining...
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