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In 1932 salesman Herman W. Lay opened in Nashville , Tennessee and , in 1938 ; he purchased the Atlanta , Georgia potato chip manufacturer “ BARRETT FOOD COMPANY “, renaming it “ H.W. LAY & COMPANY “. In 1942 LAY’s introduced its 1st potato chip processor , resulting the product. The Business shortened its name as “ THE LAY’S COMPANY “ in 1944 and became the 1st snack food manufacturer to purchase television commercials , with Bert Lahr as a celebrity spokesman. His signature line , “ So crisp you can hear the freshness “, became the chips first slogan. In 1961 , the Frito company founded by Elmer Doolin and LAY’s merged to form Frito-Lay Inc. , a snack food giant with combined sales of over $127 million annually , the largest of any manufacturer. In 1965, the Frito-Lay merged with Pepsi-Cola company to form PepsiCo.

Flavors of Lay’s.....

* Classic Salted
* Magic Masala
* Spanish Tomato Tango
* Amrican Style Cream & Onion
* Cheese Mexicana
* Tangy Twist
* Mango Masatna...etc

Nutritional Information.....

As a snack food LAY’s brand contains very few vitamins and minerals in any variety. At 10% of daily requirement per saving vitamin c is highest. Salt content is particularly high , with a serving containing as much as 380 gm of salt. 28 grams of LAY’s regular potato chips has 130 calories and contains 10 grams of Fat , with 3 grams of saturated fat. LAY’s Classic Potato Chips are cooked in 100% pure sunflower oil. A one ounce serving has 150 calories , 90 of which are from fat.

Company’s Orientation Towards Market Place .....

LAY’s company adopts “ THE PRODUCT CONCEPT & THE MARKETING CONCEPT “ to sustain itself in the market.

Product Concept :-
LAY’s is an extruded item which lies in the snacks category is offered to market for consumption and it is much satisfying customer needs and wants. For every product there are two levels of product :-

1.CORE PRODUCT :- Before introducing the Brand the LAY’s company conduct different surveys to get the perception of the consumers about features , design and quality level . Public want to buy potato chips to remove their hunger with little bit crunch and unique taste . But mostly people are not ready to compromise on quality infact there is no any basic necessity regarding snacks ; however it plays a vital role to fulfill that need.

2. ACTUAL PRODUCT :- After a complete research LAY’s company turns the core benefits into the actual product and introduces LAY’s Chips which is Unique in Quality , Flavor , Taste and Quantity. It’s totally fulfilling the need of the people There is a balance in consumer’s mind between the Price they pay and the Quality of the product they purchase.

Marketing Concept :-As far as LAY’s is concerned with the market in which it deals is near to pure is near to pure competition but due to certain factors it lies in Monopolistic competition because every company is charging the different prices according to their quality and product features well as target market.

Schemes Provided to Customers & Retailers.....

* CUSTOMERS :- The Customers Tastes and Preferences are given importance as their satisfaction is the main objective of the company. Earlier the jumbo pack was been sold at Rs.25/- but then the Company reduced the price to Rs.20/- to make it affordable for every income group people .

* RETAILERS :- The company not only offers Incentives to retailers and employees but also take care of their needs so that they get motivation to work more efficiently for the organization.

Product Attributes.....

* QUALITY :- LAY’s Chips are following the concept of Siemens (quality is when customer comes back and are product don’t) as far the quality is concerned. They also not neglect the two Dimensions of Quality (performance and conformance) to gain the satisfaction of the...
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