Historical Eras and Era

Topics: Historical eras, History of the United Kingdom by period, English cuisine Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Lilyana Hristova, 11IBc
Cultural diversity

Albion Delights restaurant
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Why not?
Two days ago my friend and I went to this recently opened restaurant called Albion Delights. It was celebrating traditional British food over the centuries. We both love English food so we decided to go in and try all of the traditional dishes.

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On the inside
The decoration was incredible. I was amazed. They have separated the restaurant into five different sections, each representing different era of the British history. The sections were the Elizabethan era, the Jacobean era, the Georgian era, the Victorian era and the modern era. The staff was also dressed according to the era they’ve been in. It felt so realistic that in every section I felt like I really was literally back in the time.

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The best part – eating!
In the Elizabethan era section the dishes were mostly desserts, which I liked a lot. They all were beyond delicious. The Almond pudding and the Rock candy and especially the Snow cream. I’ve tried them all! Maybe I’ve got diabetes but I don’t care, because it worth it! What made an impression on me, other than desserts, was the Oyster soup in the Victorian era section. I’ve never, ever eaten a soup as good as this one. The third era that I’ve liked is the modern one. There were many plates with fish and chips, roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables etc.

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Visit while you can!
I strongly recommend to all of you to visit the restaurant and see for yourself. It really was an amazing experience. And as I already said it is not just the food that you will love, the atmosphere and the decorations, the whole representation of each era was unbelievably well done. Here is the official page of the restaurant if some of you are interested in...
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