My Favorite Dish

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My Favorite Dish

My favorite dish is one of the local foods in my hometown. It’s a kind of soup, but thicker than usual one. We can call it “Chicken Chowder Soup” in English. Because it is made from chicken soup, chicken’s visceral and some other batches such as eggs and shallot. The chicken soup is the most important part to make this dish delicious, because the soup is full of chicken’s delicate flavor. It’s easy to finish this dish, but it is really hard to make it well. My mother told me this was a luxurious food for people in the past time. Because people were so poor at that time that they can just have chicken during the Spring Festival or some very important situations, as well as to say people can just have the “Chicken Chowder Soup” during these time because the lack of chicken soup. As a tradition, people now live in my hometown still like to have this dish during some festivals, or at the time that whole family come together.

Although I have had a lot of food that taste really well all over the world, even some dishes are high-class delicacy from famous chefs. The “Chicken Chowder Soup” is still my favorite dish. Although many restaurants now put this dish on their menus and make it with more expensive batches. But I prefer the one which my mother or my grander mother makes in its original way and have it with my family. For me, it is not just a delicious dish, but the love and happy memory of my hometown and family.
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