Hiring Process

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Who to Hire?
A selection activity for a multinational company

International HR


As members of the HR management committee of a multinational company our goal is to hire an experienced, key marketing person who will bring fresh ideas to the company, help it excel and motivate the other employees to be open-minded. The job title we are offering is Vice President for the area of international marketing. We will take into consideration the fact that we are planning on emerging our market to the Middle East. However, more importantly, we will look upon details such as, technical ability, cross-cultural suitability, family requirements, country-cultural requirements, MNE requirements and lanaguage. Finally, we will not exclude personal factors that may affect the performance of the potential employee such as, age, frequent travel ability and relationship status. Kiran K.

Our choice of the number one top candidate for the Vice President position in International Marketing is Kiran K. She is a single widowed mother of an adult child. More significantly, she has a doctorate in business administration and attended Harvard Business School. This is one the most recognized and known schools that are of existence. At this time she also began to teach parallel at Maura University. Kiran is a hard core expert in international marketing and we were very impressed with her accomplishments. She published her own book on international marketing only 10 months after graduating from Harvard. She focused on the marketing of pharmaceuticals but has also done research in other areas of international marketing. Shortly after publishing her book, Kiran began to work for a Fortune 500 company specifically for the department of international marketing. She stayed there for ten years and gained a great amount of knowledge and experience. Maura University offered Kiran a full professorship and she returned and has been there ever since. Kiran is highly...
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